Who we are?

OXYZEN, why we named us as OXYZEN ? Because we have to do our work consistently, continuously, without pausing for a moment, with the same passion , with the same performance, with the same dedication and the same commitment that we will supply life to your business.
There is nothing about us, we are all about you. We are striving for you, trying to be more perfect, more innovative, and more creative just to deliver you the best. We may not be the cheapest but always the best.
Established in 2009 with the name Oxyzen Webmedia the company is now OXYZEN INFOLAB PVT.LTD. Providing services in the field of mobile VAS like voice solutions, USSD,pull and push text messaging, custom application development, SaaS, mobile apps,softwares, online marketing and branding , lead generation etc.

Since our establishment we are continuously growing not only in terms of growth rate of our business (300% per annum) but also in terms of customer satisfaction. We believe that it is very easy to create a huge customer base but it is very difficult to retain them and we are a proud leader in this field. Placing customer satisfaction in our highest priorities is creating magic in our business.