Short Code

Oxyzen provides a huge array of pan India open shortcodes. client can choose his number but the power lies in the application which not only provides the real time reporting and editing of auto reply but has many tailor made modules to fulfill various purposes like sms voting/polling/contest/feedback/lead management etc , with a very easy to use and user friendly control panel. Our shortcode API connectivity is a big relief for those developers who want to connect these numbers with a third party application.

A shortcode is a virtual number minimum length is 5 digits and maximum is 9 digits. It is a pull sms service and able to receive high traffic of incoming sms. These shortcode numbers can be used on shared and dedicated basis.

  1. Shared Shortcode
  2. Dedicated Shortcode

Below shortcodes are shared on keyword Basis. Each incoming sms at shortcode is routed on basis of first word of sms. This word is called Keyword. Which identify that who should read this sms. Subscriber will be charged Rs. 1 to Rs 3 (as per the operator).

There are 15 shortcodes ( 5 digit) available to use on shared Basis.
57333 56161 54646 58888
56677 53636 53030 52424
56767 54242 53456 57575
56070 56969 56263