Toll Free Number

Toll Free Number in India is an 11 Digit number starting from 1800. Callers are not charged for calling, but toll free number owners have to bear Extra charges. Toll Free Numbers are Universal Numbers in India and so there is No need to add STD code before making a call on these numbers.

A Normal Toll Free number is capable to forward one call at a time on a particular number. If the call is forwarded through EPABX, It will be very costly and owner has to bear extra charges for increasing the capacity. Our Toll Free Numbers are based on cloud telephony and are capable to handle multiple calls simultaneously. There are no extra charges if one number receives multiple calls simultaneously. Multiple calls can be forwarded on as many numbers as required by user.

We provide Easy to use control panel for call management. One of biggest advantage of our system is that you can manage incoming call log and can track that which call was forwarded on which particular number.

Our Toll free system can recognize the user response by pressed key detection and can route the call correspondingly.