12 Things You Should Consider Before Choosing A Startup Or Business Name

When coming up with a new startup or business one must be conscious about the name. As it will define your startup’s future identity. From Birth till the death name plays a very important role, may it be in real life or tech life. Hence, choosing a correct name for any startup is very important, points that should be kept in mind for the same are as follows


  1. Search As Much As You Can

It is very much important to know whether the name you are choosing already exists or not. If the one already exists please do not use because it leads to chaos as creating a new identity with a common name is very difficult. Searching is the best activity one must do, as much as you will be searching, the more good results you will be getting.


  1. Check The Right Domain Ending (.com, .co)

As per my point of view domain names ending with .com are the most popular one and are used quite frequently. You can buy an old startup domain as well as you can create your own depending upon the targets. If .com is not available .co can also be used, other ending extensions such as Art.sy, Visual.ly, Reclip.it, News.me, About.me, Last.fm, Shelby.tv, Chart.io, Trigger.i, are less visible and not even memorable.

You can check the availability of old domain names via

  • expireddomains.net
  • domcop.com
  • in.auctions.godaddy.com
  • sedo.com
  • namecore.com

If you found a website that fulfills all your necessities and decide to buy the same, you should check the following

  • It’s relevant to your business or not.
  • It should not be much popular.
  • History of the same
  • Is the domain already for sale, and, if so, for how much?
  • Is the domain being actively used?
  • How much have similar domain names sold for recently?


  1. Name Should Identify Your Product/Service

Name of the startup also depends upon the type of product/service you are providing it helps in creating a good identity in the mind of individuals. Let’s say a name Salesforce the name itself identifies something that is related to sales, CRM, business growth. On the other hand, there are names like which not at all identify themselves such as Mangopeople.biz can you identify what is it about? It’s a website for the purpose of innovating shopping products, not identifiable.

Hence, a name chosen by you should identify what your startup is all about.


  1. Make it Unique

A name should be unique, something that is totally different something out of the box such as Google, Amazon, Apple they don’t have any particular meaning but still are well know. The feature like uniqueness is also important to track what people are talking about you, such as creating a twitter account of the startup name you choose, is the one becoming famous? Is the one can be used using “#”? You can easily track social media activities by using tools such as:

  • hootsuite.com
  • tweetreach.com
  • klout.com
  • socialmention.com
  • twazzup.com


  1. Check Name Existence On Social Media

One should also check whether the name you are choosing is already there on Social Media or not. Social media includes Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. Google+. Tools that can be used for the same:

  • namechk.com
  • namecheckr.com
  • knowem.com


  1. Check Whether The Same Startup Name Registered Or Not In Your Territory

Before choosing the startup name one must check all the business directory if any other firm is registered under the same name or not. If the name is registered once will be not accepted again. There are various websites for checking whether the startup name you have chosen is already registered or not, like mca.gov.in, vakilsearch.com & indiafilings.com.


  1. Your Startup Name Should Not Include Copyright, trademark, registered words.

While this mistake isn’t made too often, it is important to stay away from brand related keywords like microsoft, bitten apple (Logo)  use of such words/designs could land you in trouble.


  1. Short & Memorable is Better

While choosing the name of your startup, it should be short as well as memorable, for example, Choosarity.com (Suffix mismatch) it sounds bad and it will confuse anyone who hears it, Xobonko.com (Unintuitive spelling), these are domain names that are not at all short and memorable on the other hand, domain name such as Carpool.com (Highly relevant), Weebly.com (Fictitious word with semi-intuitive spelling) are some good example of being short & memorable. If the number of alphabets is less, it automatically makes the one memorable.


  1. Get The Meaning of Startup Name in Different Languages:-

It is important to check the meaning of the name chosen by you in different religion & language as any bad meaning of the same can create a problem. For example-  Lumia Nokia’s new smartphone translates in Spanish slang to prostitute, which is unfortunate.


  1. Never use Confusing letters in the startup name:-

Use of confusion alphabets should be ignored, such as using numbers in the startup name i.e. dash4dollars.com,  1000memories (many memories), 10gen (rhymes), Lot18 (short), 37signals, this creates a confusion.


  1. Avoid Word Combination that makes letter repetition:-

Letter repetition generally means if your startup name have two words say, Jimmoney it is probably Jim-Money, but it creates a kind of confusion and even pronunciation mistakes. A name like Sendgrid, skillshare are the combination of two letters, but are clear to speak & read. You can use tool like werdmerge.com to generate one word with the combination of two words. Combination of letter repetition should be avoided.


  1. It Should Be Easy to Speak & Sound Clean & Clear:-

Removing vowels or changing letters in a regular word. Though it looks different, the new word benefits from the fact that it sounds the same as the original. For example:  Tumblr (tumbler), Consmr (consumer), Flud (flood), Etsy (etc.).

Thank you for reading by, hope you found the one helpful & interesting, take these points in consideration while choosing a startup name, to make the one great.

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