Introducing CallTracker

An app that lets you monitor your employees’ calls.

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Call Tracker is made up of combination of 2 apps

Call Recorder & Call Tracker.

What is Call Recorder?
Call Recorder is the app that is to be installed on the cell phone of the person of whom you’d like to record calls of.

What is Call Tracker?
Call Tracker is the app through which you can listen to the calls recorded through Call Recorder.

Call Tracker Features

  • Listen to the calls recorded on Call Recorder
  • Listen to the voice notes recorded by your employees
  • Blacklist contacts you don't want to record (e.g. your employees’ family members’ calls)
  • Easy to use UI

Call Recorder Features

  • Record your calls
  • Leave voice notes to fellow employees
  • Blacklist contacts you don’t want to record (e.g. your family members’ calls)
  • Easy to use UI

How it works

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  • 02
  • 03
  • Step 01

    Download & install Call Recorder on your employees' cell phone (or on the cell phone who's call you'd like to record). Download & install Call Tracker on your cell phone (or administrator's cell phone).

  • Step 02

    Open Call Recorder, submit the cell phone's number. Then when the phone number will be included in the companies database, every call will get recorded by default until your employee choses to blacklist a certain contact.

  • Step 03

    Open Call Tracker to listen to the recordings recorded on Call Recorder.


  • Record the deals you make with clients over phone.
  • Use your recordings for educational purposes e.g. Training new employees (listen to how they're talking to clients, make them hear sample calls of your existing employees)
  • Improve performance
  • Employee monitoring
  • Leave voice notes.