Fresa is a brand that makes awesome juices.

For fresa, we knew that we donít want anything too typical, we didnít want raster image of fruit in front, with the colour of the fruit or white colour in the background and in front, the name.

We knew we wanted to play with colors, give it a bold and appealing identity, and overall, do something different.

Since we were clear that the brand has to be bold, we decided the main colour has to be 100% black.

To differentiate between flavors, we had to use colours. Since weíre going for a bold identity, we decided that for flavorsí colours weíre going to be using bright colours to give a nice contrast to black.



In contrast to the bright and colourful design, we wanted something simple for the logo. So we made the logo font based.

We made a little pattern of lines and circles (of which the logo is made of) and used it in the packaging.



Like mentioned previously, we decided that the colour will be black for the background in each packaging, for the packaging to look bold.
We didnít want to use raster images for the front and give it a too typical look, thus we decided to go for vector images of the fruit in the front with vector splash in the background.
The lines and circles pattern that we created is really complimenting the whole packaging.

packaging design


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